Truco Blyts

5.3.19 için



Want to play Truco, the card game?


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Truco Blyts is a game that lets you enjoy rounds of ‘truco’ (the popular card game, especially in Latin America) in your Android smartphone. You can play through your Bluetooth with a friend or a stranger on the Internet.

The rules in Truco Blyts are identical to the original card game so if you know how to play then you can start playing on your smartphone from the get go. But, in case you don’t already know the rules, you can quickly learn more about them from the main menu.

Truco Blyts includes several gaming modes. The ‘multiplayer’ mode lets you compete against another online player, the ‘bluetooth’ mode lets play against a friend and the ‘quick game’ mode lets you play against the artificial intelligence.

Truco Blyts is a super fun cards game that offers you several gaming modes, an intuitive interface and great visuals.